Self-esteem and Confidence Building

Out of the Box Teaching aims to find an effective and enjoyable learning journey for the student.

One of the most powerful ways to promote a student’s confidence in his or her learning is to address issues of self-esteem and self-efficacy.

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem refers to the students’ self-image and self-worth. If children have the opportunity to appreciate their own uniqueness, their self-esteem is likely to grow.

Children with high self-esteem can develop rich social skills and greater confidence to deal with the different challenges in their lives.

What is self-efficacy?

Self-efficacy is a personal belief that one can accomplish a particular task effectively. Children with a high sense of self-efficacy believe in their capabilities, participate readily in performing an educational task and are more persistent if difficulties arise. They are prepared to perform beneficial learning activities and as a result, success is more probable.

Out of the Box Teaching offers a ‘Building Blocks to Effective Learning Programme’ and focuses on:

  • Self-efficacy and goal setting
  • Developing concentration and study skills
  • Constructive discipline and self discipline
  • Dealing with low self-esteem and issues about self image

Building Blocks to Effective Learning Programme promotes creative learning and involves:

  • Support in study skills for a particular subject
  • Coaching activities
  • A number of motivational exercises and games
  • Physical exercises that help the learning process and body relaxation activities to manage stress and change
  • Elements of art therapy

Parents’ involvement is always welcomed. During our initial session parents can choose the elements, as mentioned above, to create an optimal learning package for their child.