National Curriculum Subjects for ages 4 to 16

Sessions are tailored to meet a student’s needs and learning styles using an approach which builds his or her confidence in their own ability to learn and succeed. Our promise is to develop an approach tailored to promoting the academic success and the general wellbeing of the student.

Out of the Box Teaching offers one to one tuition in all main school subjects specialising in:

  • Maths
  • English

Our One to One Tuition Programme involves:

  • Home schooling.
  • KS1 and KS2 SATS preparation.
  • Groundwork for entry into secondary education and beyond.
  • Preparation for academy and private school entrance exams, including verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
  • Easing the transition for young children settling into primary school or children moving on to secondary school.
  • Working with children with special educational needs (for example dyscalculia, dyspraxia, hyperactivity or emotional needs and conditions such as Autism and Downs Syndrome).
  • Helping children experiencing difficulties with schoolwork develop study skills and learning strategies.
  • Improving handwriting for clearer communication.
  • Study skills and exam preparation.

Assessments: Assessments delivered by Out of the Box Teaching are designed to identify gaps in students’ learning and offer a bespoke educational programme. To promote the most effective learning for the student, we evaluate and focus on the most immediate priority. At the same time, we set a long-term goal and provide an appropriate support to bridge the learning gaps.

Transitions to private schools: Out of the Box Teaching provides a framework that assesses the academic readiness of the student, and any educational gaps, as mentioned in the Assessments section. Subsequently, it provides a programme tailored specifically to meet the new school requirements. If 11+ exams are involved, we prepare the student for all relevant tests – in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. Other training might be also appropriate, see the Study Skills section.

Maths and English Confidence Package

We also offer a Maths and English Confidence Package as part of our One to One Tuition Programme and it includes:

  • A tailored session according to a student’s individual needs.
  • Art, movement and the motivational activities to promote the use of the student’s creativity, communication skills and positive self-perception.
  • Developing concentration and study skills.
  • The lessons are delivered at a competitive rate. During our initial session parents can choose the elements, as mentioned above, to create an optimal learning package for their child.
  • A special approach is taken to each student based on deep personal experience, interaction with the child and active research on teaching methods.
  • Parents can book an individual appointment or have part of the session with the child not present if they wish to discuss their needs in private.