Helping children to enjoy learning

Out of the Box Teaching provides home schooling and private tutoring to children in Bristol and beyond.


Our focus

  • Home schooling, private tutoring and children in transition
  • Study skills (working memory, revision skills, social skills, handwriting)
  • Work with highly sensitive children, anxious children and those with special educational needs
  • Creative sessions (Maths, English, German, using creative methods, project learning, games)


The sessions

  • Provide activities and strategies to help student develop their concentration and study skills
  • Build student’s enjoyment of and confidence in his or her own learning
  • Are suited to students of all abilities and from all cultural backgrounds


How to book a session

  • Tuition is planned and delivered accordingly to each student’s individual needs and style of learning
  • A phone or Skype consultation along with the initial planning session is free
  • There is an easy way to start tuition or book a free initial session by simply contacting Out of the Box Teaching on 07786 628820 or by emailing


Where we work

Out of the Box Teaching is based in Bristol – particularly in Westbury-on-Trym, Henleaze, Bishopston, Wesbury Park, Ashley Down, St Andrews, Clifton, Cotham and Clifton Down.

We are familiar with the network of local schools but are also open to work, cooperate and exchange knowledge in a national and international context.

Positive and sustained change

Working with the huge potential for positive change at younger age ‘Out of the Box Teaching’ aims to identify misunderstandings in a student’s learning and address them at the earliest stages. This helps to promote the child’s learning in the best way possible for them. Sessions can also include activities that help to improve an individual’s concentration and encourage ‘thinking outside the box’.

Building Effective and Enjoyable Learning

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How to Encourage with Empathy 

How to Encourage with Empathy 

Praise - Why do we get blank stares?  Every child wants to be loved for who she or he is. At the same time, we want to see children thrive. When it comes to learning, we need to be aware of it. Praise can work magic if expressed well but sometimes, we choose...

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