Schools and Alternative Learning Provision

Out of the Box Teaching delivers sessions to schools and community groups.

Central to all learning activities is the building of confidence, self esteem and a sense of enjoyment. Out of the Box teaching offers the following programmes:

  • English as a Second Language and German

School Transitions and Home Education (Short-term and long-term provision)

  • For children who are waiting to start a new school. Like all our products, this learning programme is beneficial for its flexible features. It focuses on priorities at the time, which, in this case, can be to work on any academic gaps and emotional support to deal with the change.
  • For children temporarily unable to attend school, for example due to mental health issues, such as anxiety.
  • For home-schooled children and their parents who want to develop a creative learning plan to support a good sense of self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning.

Alternative Learning Provision in the Bristol area

Out of the Box Teaching offers rich learning opportunities to meet the needs of ‘push out’ learners.

As always, focusing on students’ individual needs is a priority for us. We provide a framework where individual preferences and needs are carefully explored.

Our two established educational programmes: ‘Maths & English Confidence Package’ and ‘Building Blocks for Effective Learning’ can be incorporated into the curriculum, together with basic social skills, if required.

Please contact us on 07786 628820 for more information.