Study skills and exam preparation

Children benefit from working with us by being able to improve their learning and behaviour, through developing self-esteem and creative study skills. The comprehensive study skills training helps improve academic skills, as well as addressing any concentration and motivational issues. It is available as a stand-alone programme or as part of the Building Blocks Programme itself.

After the initial assessment, there are several options available:

  • Working memory training: Working memory training enables unique application of our specialities and targets maximising the development of our student’s working memory. It includes scientifically proven approaches to improving working memory, involving mind training, motivation and memory boosting activities. Enhanced working memory contributes to mental arithmetic performance, problem solving and reading comprehension.
  • Handwriting: A step-by-step approach, using gross and fine motor exercises, patterns and letter formation exercises. Out of the Box Teaching is a member of National Handwriting Association.
  • Writing and reading comprehension: We help develop pre-skill qualities such as imagination, basic and advanced inference.
  • KS1 and KS2 SATs preparation: Offering the most effective exam techniques including calming and visualisation strategies.
  • Academy and private school entrance exams, including verbal and non-verbal reasoning and/or preparing for the transition.
  • Confidence coaching: Includes art, movement and relaxation to promote the use of student’s creativity, communication skills and positive self-perception.

Secondary school children can add:

  • Presentation and note taking
  • GCSE preparation: A strategic approach to calm any exam related anxiety
  • Grammar for languages and German language
  • Motivation activities: This involves a variety of motivational exercises and targeted conversations to inspire students to take the ownership of their learning.

Children with Special Educational Needs and Difficulties (SEND)

All of the previous training is available for children with SEND. They are delivered to suit the specific needs of the student. For example, children with Autism would benefit from extra Social Skills support and basic inference activities, enabling reading ‘between the lines’.