I often hear from parents that they don’t mind what marks their child gets, as long as she or he is happy and tries hard enough. At the same time, when the results are matching or exceeding the national standard, the parents are very happy. For the parents who want to set a healthy educational standard of success for their children and help them maintain a good sense of self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning, there are several options available. Some people opt for home-schooling or flexi-schooling and develop their own creative learning plan. Many parents hire a private tutor who helps their children after school. Offering creative private tuition, the trained English and Maths tutor can awaken a child’s curiosity, nurture the potential and improve her or his problem solving ability. This learning programme is also beneficial for its flexible features. It focuses on priorities at the time and can involve an intensive exam preparation if needed.

The structure of the creative session consists of:

  • Motivational conversation to discover the child’s learning preferences or barriers to learning.
  • Tailored teaching according to students’ individual needs.
  • Thinking skills activities.
  • Art, movement and the educational games to promote the use of student’s creativity, communication skills and positive self-perception.


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