When parents decide to home-school their children, it’s often one of the most important decisions they have made in regards to their family. In some cases, the family has moved and the children are waiting to be accepted to a new school of their choice. Not knowing the exact date of the admission, the parents want their children to continue their education without long interruptions and seek a home school tutor. Most home schooling parents, however, consider home education a long term option and there is always one big reason behind it: to give their child the best possible alternative of education.

Some people have always known that they will home-school their children, but for many, the potential for home schooling has emerged gradually. When facing the decision whether to home-school or not, uncertainties may creep in. ‘What are we doing?’, ‘Are we able to do it at all?’ might go through one’s mind. A big search follows to learn everything possible about home schooling and home education networks in the area.

When opting for home schooling, parents are always ready to commit maximum of their time but the level of their involvement can be different. Getting a home tutor on board is a solution for people who want to benefit from educational guidance. The following points outline how the Out of the Box Teaching tutor can be helpful.

The roles can include:

  • Creating an interest-led learning plan
  • Adapting and tailoring the curriculum material for home schooling
  • Educational guidance and training for parents
  • Teaching directly, according to the agreed plan (at home or via skype)
  • Incorporation of confidence and motivational sessions
  • Delivering working memory improvement sessions

Home School in Bristol

Necessarily, the home school curriculum is tailored to the child’s specific needs and learning style. Out of the Box Teaching also offers three established educational programmes: Maths and English Confidence Package, Building Blocks for Effective Learning and Working Memory Programme, which can be incorporated in the curriculum.

The tutor can participate actively in delivery of those sessions. Alternatively, the tutor aims to guide the parents to become independent educators, whereby she or he would gradually step back to take a role of coordinator. However, the tutor is flexible should the parents need more support. The main goal is to work together to awaken and nurture the child’s desire to learn and explore the world.